The life of a single parent!


No one becomes a single parent by choice, when i was carrying my first beautiful child, all i wanted, was to be the best mother i could possibly be, Have i made mistakes? YES!! I’m only human, everyone makes mistakes, but we learn from them, i am not superwoman, no matter how hard i try to be, everyone has a breaking point, I am no different!

I love my two girls with every fibre of my being, no matter how hard things can get, they are my reason for everything i do, my reason for BEING! But it isn’t all fun and games, mushy hearts and flowers stuff, sometimes its so damn hard, you feel like you are failing, that everything happening with your child is YOUR fault!

My youngest child loves to talk, i don’t want to label her a chatterbox, but you know what, that’s just what she is, she will talk and talk, even in her sleep, she talks so much at school, she is frequently being told off and it doesn’t matter what i’ve tried, taking her things, no treats, any improvement in her incessant talking, is short lived. I finally hit my breaking point, after numerous pick ups from school, walking towards her class room and once again, seeing her teachers frustrated and disappointed face. My stomach already in knots, well…it just sank, after such an amazing improvement last week, we were right back to square one and i just wanted to cry..right there and then.

My daughter knew she had disappointed me and let herself down, it’s so hard seeing her sad little face, her tears, wanting to pull her in my arms, yet at the same time, be so damn sad and disappointed. Then the anger at myself kicked in, for not being able to find something that will keep my daughter from behaving this way all the time and i got home and i just shut myself in the bathroom and cried my eyes out, feeling like the worst mum ever, like i was failing at my most important job!

I am pretty sure many single mums/parents have felt like this at one time or another and today, after a good nights sleep and time alone to think, i know that i am doing everything i can, to change this behaviour, to help and encourage my daughter/s to do the right thing. I discipline when they do wrong, i praise and reward when they do well, i work 2 jobs and everything i do is for them, sometimes it’s a case of trial and error, if one thing doesnt work, try something else, one day it will just click. At the end of the day, i want my daughter to be sociable, i do not want her to think that talking is a bad thing, but i want her to have self control too, she is 6, she knows right from wrong, the wrong and right time to talk, which makes this so much more frustrating, but finding that balance is the hard part, getting her to reign in the talking, without damaging her social skills.

Final thought- I am not super mum, i AM doing the best that i can by my children and will continue to do so, until the day i draw my last breath…it’s ok to have a down day, to feel frustrated and overwhelmed, that’s not failure, that’s being human, time to stop being so hard on ourselves.

Thanks for reading, Lisa xoxo




Sudan’s Legacy


This is Sudan, he is the last remaining Northern White Rhinoceros, at 45 years of age and after numerous failed breeding attempts with his daughter and granddaughter, the only remaining female Northern White Rhinos, this species existence is looking more and more precarious. There is now on-going attempts at IVF of these females eggs, with the semen of Sudan and implantation in suitable females from the Southern White Rhino species, although resulting offspring would be hybrids, it would keep the White rhino species alive!

In 2017 The Ol Pejeta Conservancy joined forces with Ogilvy Africa( an advertising, marketing and public relations company) and Tinder to launch a fund raising  campaign to try and save the species. A Tinder account was created for Sudan, App users can swipe right to make donations for breeding methods development.

These methods sound out there, but when you look at the alternative, the extinction of the White Rhinos, desperate times call for desperate measures as they say. Poaching is a major issue and even with fines and other penalties, it is not enough to have deterred these monsters from killing beloved wildlife to the point of them being on the verge of being wiped out.

Sudan, his daughter Najin and granddaughter Fatu are heavily guarded at the conservancy, with transmitters embedded in their horns, fences, watch towers, drones, guard dogs and round the clock armed guards, but if these implanted eggs do not take soon, Sudan may become too old to breed any longer, the more donations received, the more IVF can be done, I really hope this beautiful species can be saved and we hear about a pregnancy very soon.

FINAL THOUGHT… Poaching has been a serious world issue for far too long now, along with deforestation, it has caused the demise of nearly half the worlds population of wildlife, yes HALF!! Animals that were on the endangered list are now gone forever and animals you never would have believed would be at risk of dying out, are now on the verge of ceasing to exist, lets stop this now, whilst we still can. Thank you for reading… Lisa XOXO

Kill the demand, stop the Ivory trade!!


I find it so hard to believe that we could be facing a world without the majestic African Elephants, but that is the truth of it, Trophy killing and poaching threatens the very existence of these socially complex animals. Elephants are very well known to grieve for their dead, sometimes standing over the carcasses for many days, this is heart breaking. Why is poaching still happening,? Why are there not tougher penalties and fines for the people who slaughter these precious creatures without a second thought?

In the early 20th century there were as many as 3-5 million African Elephants in the world, the number currently stands at an estimated 415,000, that is a terrifying decline in numbers, try to imagine a world where these magnificent animals no longer exist, because that is what we’re looking at, if we do not stop the demand and the killing. Extinction is forever, there is no coming back from the dead, this needs to end NOW!! I remember as a small child, going on a school trip to the zoo, walking over to the elephant enclosure and seeing these beautiful creatures up close, from a safe distance of course. I remember being in awe of their size and thinking it was so cute, how the baby elephants held on tight to the adults tails walking around, just like we as children did with our parents hands.

The Ivory ban was imposed in 1990, but the threat to Elephants existence is at it’s most serious, the illegal ivory trade is at it’s highest across China and other parts of Asia than it’s ever been in over 20 years. Poachers are killing around 55 Elephants a day, 385 a week, close to 22,000 each year, something has to be done, not next year, not next month, but NOW!! Together we can make a difference, we can be the voice for these and so many other beautiful animals facing a very uncertain future, we have lost too many animals already, to poachers and people destroying their habitats, causing them to die out.

Final Thought… Cracking down on trade routes, sharing information between countries and stiffer penalties for poachers and trophy hunters are just some of the things that can be done, finally, China and the UK have recently announced bans on domestic trade in Ivory, it’s time for the rest of the world to follow suit and protect our Elephants, they’re an important part of our natural world, NOT trinkets! Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and feelings from the heart, Lisa xoxo

Life is a rollercoaster!

Rough with smooth

After many years in what I call my vortex of negativity, I was having great success in my business, home life was perfect and I felt like I could do just about anything! I was practicing gratitude daily and things just got better and better. The thing with life is, it can change at the drop of a hat, there I was riding the waves of life, loving every minute and then my relationship fell apart, it took every ounce of personal development I’d studied, to stop me from completely falling apart.

I would be up one day and down the next and I’d beat myself up for every down day I had, this made the bad days so much harder to handle, eventually I succumbed to the sadness and negativity and retreated back into that negative vortex and just felt overwhelmed by life and everything that came with it. The only things stopping me from completely going under, were my two beautiful daughters, after a few months of wallowing and allowing my business and confidence to suffer, I decided enough was enough, I embraced my sadness and allowed myself to feel, I mean it is ok to not be ok once in a while and life is about rolling with the punches, taking the rough with the smooth, it reminds us we’re alive and just how strong we really are.

Over the years since I started my business I have learned many valuable lessons, I am so grateful for each and every one, because they have allowed me to grow into the woman I am today, I still get sad and overwhelmed, life isn’t a Disney movie, no matter how much we wish it were, but I am strong enough now to embrace negative feelings, feel them and let them go, it doesn’t always happen right away, but it does happen, as long as you don’t try to run from them, or allow them to drag you under. After many months stumbling through the darkness, I reached a crossroads and my next decision determined whether I stayed stuck in Self Pity City or move forward into the next amazing phase of my life, I chose living, I chose happiness, I chose to get off my behind and go for what I want in life, obstacles will always come along, they don’t define you, how you react to them does.

Final Though…. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, we have to feel our way through and ride the crazy rollercoaster through all the amazing ups and not so great downs, don’t get sucked into self pity and doubt, but don’t hide from any of your feelings either, feel them, it’s ok, let them in and then let them go! Thank you for reading.. Lisa xoxo


Being broken doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful <3


This is likely to be the hardest and longest blog I’ve written to date! This is a story, a real story of my journey from being a shattered version of myself, to the strong, determined and confident woman I am today. I have spoken briefly of the things I have been through in my life, a little at a time, as I have become more at peace with the past and the person I’ve become.

Most of my friends had had boyfriends long before I ever did, I was bubbly, but very shy when it came to talking to boys and I didn’t really have the confidence in myself and the way I looked either, I had been bullied throughout childhood for having afro hair, finding pencils and all sorts hidden in it, you can imagine what that does to a child’s esteem. I was always very overly critical of myself, my hair, my non-existent chest, the list could really go on! I had one boyfriend before I met who I thought was the love of my life, I was so naïve when it came to boys, I really didn’t have a clue. The one thing I did know with a certainty, was that I would NEVER! let any boy treat me badly, the way I had seen others treated growing up, or so I told myself at the time.

I met someone who just swept me off my feet and knocked me on my butt, he was fun, outgoing and had that bad boy persona young girls find cute, I really wish I could go back and slap my young self upside the head, it wasn’t cute, it was a warning of things to come, that I was just too young and too infatuated to see. All that mattered to me at the time was him, I was turning 18 and I finally felt I’d found my happiness, someone who actually liked me for me, it felt amazing. Mum took an instant dislike to him, which made me dig my heels in even more, typical stubborn teenager, turning up for our first date with cans of special brew in his pocket, really should have set alarm bells ringing, but no, I ignored that too.

The first 6 months were amazing, I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world, that’s when the wheels started to come off, he lost his job, he started smoking more and more cannabis and when his money ran out, wanted me to pay for it, when I didn’t, well that’s when his true colours came out. For a while I just did it, I was so scared of losing him, being by myself again, even at such a young age, that I went against everything inside me, I hated drugs, even told him I couldn’t be with someone who had to depend on illegal substances, still I stayed, still I gave him money I was earning from my first job to get his weed. If it wasn’t drugs, it was booze, the very first time I said to him that I didn’t want to be in pubs all the time, was the first time he laid hands on me, it’s all happened so fast! He grabbed me by the collar of his winter coat I was wearing and shoved me back into the brick wall behind me, I hit the back of my neck and just froze! I was in the street, no one around and the boy I loved had changed into this angry, vile person. I remember shaking, sliding down the wall struggling to breathe, in the midst of what I now know was the start of panic attacks, all the while, he is shouting at me to get up, laughing at the state I was in, then he dragged me back up to my feet and suddenly he was that boy I cared so much about again, apologising, telling me how sorry he was, that it would never happen again!

I should have left then, in fact I said I was going to, but he had the charm and I didn’t leave, the abuse I suffered from him over the 4 years we were together, it was mostly mental and emotional torment, it was a while after that first time, that he ever put his hands on me again. Thankfully for me his mum was in the house, because still to this day I do not know what would have happened to me, had she not have dragged him off of me and taken me home, I used to think about the what ifs a lot, now I’m just grateful I’m happy and alive, for a while there, during those darks days, I really thought it would be easier to not be around anymore.

I stayed away from him for 6 months, I definitely wasn’t the girl I was before I met him, he had changed something in me, stole a part of me I could never get back and I let him, then I found some things that belonged to him and I stupidly called him and we got back together, only for the cycle to repeat. He called me names whenever I didn’t do what he wanted, buy his drugs, go with him to his dealers, I hated that side of his life and I no longer wanted to be involved in it. He would call me ugly, a slag, that I was damaged goods and no one would ever want me now I’m soiled, no one would love me the way he did and I stupidly believed him, once again I started to lose myself, I was isolated from family, always making excuses for his behaviour, I just sank deeper and deeper into myself and literally beat myself up mentally all the time, it was so dark and twisted, I thought I’d be trapped in that life forever, I literally felt like I was suffocating, trapped in this negative, volatile bubble!

I became someone I couldn’t even look at in the mirror anymore, weak, miserable, making stupid decisions, allowing someone to treat me so poorly, after all the times I promised myself it would never happen to me, I tore myself down everyday, just as he did to me! Finally I left and then a few month later found out I was pregnant with my beautiful, lifesaver baby, seriously! I can honestly say, if it hadn’t been for having my precious girl, I wouldn’t be here today, at least not as the woman I am now. Sadly though, I had broken enough promises to myself, about things I wouldn’t let happen, having a child grow up without a father was one I was not going to do, no matter how badly he treated me, I thought a baby would fix him, fix us, I was so wrong! Again!

For a while things were ok and he seemed to grow up, but like most things it really didn’t last, the last few months of my pregnancy I spent back and forth visiting my mum at weekends, she had been working in a pub in Watford and it was a long journey, even more so for a heavily pregnant woman. The arguments this caused with my daughters father were awful, he went through my phone, through my belongings, just to try find proof that I was sleeping with other men, whilst being the size of a house I may add. I remember finding something that proved he had lied to me and I was disgusted by him and I just wanted him gone and this led to him pinning me to the hallway wall by my throat and shoulder to try and stop me getting away from him. I was 8 months pregnant and the only thing I cared about in that moment, was my baby, I hit out at him and split his lip and finally got him to leave. I know I only did what I did to protect our baby, but I felt so angry at myself for letting him once again change who I was, I never lashed out like that, but I was scared for our baby. So I added that on top of the ever growing list of reasons to loathe myself. A few days before I gave birth, he was erratic and paranoid and it was clear he was on something again, after promising not to anymore, I had never felt more let down than in that moment, but I was due to give birth any day and I was young, frightened and tired!

Once I had our daughter, I really hoped she could change him, the way I’d failed to, I still clung on to the hope that he could be different,  I didn’t understand that it wasn’t down to me to fix him, his behaviour was not on me, it was on him, he had to want to change, I had suffered for almost 4 years, but I now had this beautiful reason to be strong, even though he loved our daughter, he blamed her for changing everything, he would never see that he was at fault, not ever! The final straw for me came when our daughter was 2 weeks old and he was angry and demanding I hand her to him, I refused, she would sense how riled up he was and it would upset her and I didn’t want that, I went to walk away and he stuck his foot out to trip me up, with our daughter in my arms, I was done, in every way I was done!! I seriously didn’t care about all the things he did to me at the time, but in that moment, he could have hurt our baby and that is something I could never forgive and I finally got the courage to make him leave and it was over!!

I’d love to say that was the end of that, but I allowed him to mentally and verbally torment for 8 years, from calling me an unfit mother, to wishing I died of cancer slowly, I was so weak and didn’t love myself enough anymore to stop him, no matter who I had around me, it was down to me to cut off the power I’d given him over me. Without going into detail, as it’s not just my story to tell, something happened, it was something that gave me the fire and strength I needed to break away for good and cut all ties with him, This was my life, it lasted over 12 years before I finally fought back, the right way!

I never got help after going through all that and I should have done, but I am not someone who thinks about the what ifs anymore, I think about the now, life really is too short to get stuck in the past and allow the demons to haunt you forever. It took a very long time to get to this point and I never believed I would be whole again and although the emotional scars will always be there, I am strong enough now, thanks to my business, support and working on myself everyday with personal development to let it go, I am no longer broken, I no longer feel alone or ugly, I know my worth and you can too!

Final Thought… Personal development and my business gave me the support system I needed, to make positive changes in my life, I worked on myself from the inside out and I have never felt more at peace, more loved and more self loved, happiness starts within, we do not need validation from others to believe in ourselves and we should not allow our past to define us! People often judge others without ever having walked in their shoes, just think for a minute before you do judge someone on their past or their character, because you DON’T know their story, you have no idea what path they have walked, their sorrows, fears, doubts and heartache. Never judge a person by the chapter of their life you just walked in on, so much more came before that, there will always be stories, but that doesn’t make every one you hear true, you have no idea what they feel in their heart, show kindness and compassion, be the one that makes them laugh and smile again. Thank you for reading- Lisa xoxo

Defending Innocence


As a mother, it is my job to keep my children happy, healthy and above all SAFE! As it is for any parent, but sadly, there are dangers out there, dangers we can’t always foresee and we just have to educate ourselves and our children of them, no  matter how difficult the topic. No parent wants to think of anything happening to their children, we tell ourselves that will never happen to our children, but over 57,000 children in the UK have been identified as needing protection from abuse and for every child identified, there are around 8 more unidentified being subjected to abuse, so we have to do everything in our power to make sure our children are protected. In the United States, over 300,000 children each year are being sexually abused, these are just the reported cases, more needs to be done to bring these numbers down, way down!!

When we talk to our children about staying safe, we tell them about stranger danger, but the sad and frightening thing is, many children are abused by someone in their circle of trust! We do not want to be untrusting of family members or those close to us and we certainly do not want to  frighten our children, but we DO need to educate them on what is appropriate and what is inappropriate and not force them to kiss or hug family members if they do not want to, as this is taking away their control over their own bodies, it is important to teach our children that it’s not ok to be made to touch or hug someone if they do not want to.

Relatives and friends can be abusers, no matter how sickening and terrifying that is to think about, I am not saying we should all stop showing family affection, I am saying we shouldn’t make children do it, if they  say no leave it at that, they need to learn their own boundaries as well as the ones they are taught by us as parents, or at school and so on. By forcing our children to show affection, even if they do not want to, we are saying their level of comfort doesn’t matter, affection can be shown without needing to physically touch, if that is what the child is more comfortable with.

It’s important that we teach our children to never be afraid to talk to us, to raise their voice and be open and honest, we must always let our children know they can tell us anything, no matter how scary or bad they think it is, that we will always be there for them, to look after them and protect them.

1 in 5 children are sexually abused before the age of 18

60% of children are abused by someone that is not family

30% of children are abused by a family member

10% of children are abused by a stranger

That means 90% of children are abused by someone they know,  terrifying statistics to say the least. We can’t completely eliminate sexual abuse, but we can at least try and reduce it, with proper education and information, we can create a safe and healthy environment, where our children can speak to us freely about anything and know that we are there for them no matter what.

Final thought… As hard as it is to think about, or talk about, we have to face facts, it’s out there, it happens everyday and we have the tools at our disposal to educate ourselves and our children, to keep them as safe as I possibly can, you can find in depth information and tools here at the amazing organisation we have worked with, defending children and adolescents from sexual exploitation. Thank you for reading… Lisa xoxo

Why did I chose Network Marketing?


This is the million dollar question isn’t it?

So many people ask, Do you actually make money? Is it worth while? Or they say “but it’s not a real job” and my response is, yes I do make money, it is VERY worthwhile and not just because of the financial aspect. I spend hours of my day creating content, making connections with people and promoting my business and products, so it is a real job, it’s just not what people call a conventional one.

I train everyday, I am always learning, growing, becoming a better leader and person as every day goes by, when I first started this business, it was just to make a little extra cash, I had no idea just how amazing my company, business and network marketing really was! Now I see it for what it is, a way to help people, a way to stay at home and be here for my babies, yet still be able to work, bring in a wage and fulfil my passion and purpose.

Network marketing or MLM companies are NOT pyramid schemes, which are illegal I may add, they are legitimate ways to make an extra income, or to literally change your life, if you put in the work. Don’t just take my word for it, do what I did, research it, understand it and if you can’t, or just don’t want to, at least stop making assumptions based on hearsay, or judging someone for their choices, without even trying to understand why they are doing something different. I am so glad I took the time to look at what I was joining before I leapt and I am even happier that I gave it a chance, because if I hadn’t, I would still be stuck, broken and living a life no where near it’s potential. Now I get to work for a company with a beautiful mission, with a team of ladies that I love dearly and they all feel like family to me, I see them succeed and I feel so much pride and joy for them, as they do for me when I achieve something great, we raise money and awareness for an amazing cause, helping sexual abuse survivors and defending innocent children and adolescents from exploitation, How can that be seen as anything but positive?

Final thought… Just because a persons path is different to yours, it doesn’t make them wrong, or lost, it just means they have their own path to follow, we all do and it’s so important to remember that, in business and in life. Thank you for reading xoxo Lisa

Before the last petal falls


1991, the year I was first introduced to the magic of Beauty and Beast, I can remember watching this for the first time and wanting to be Belle more than anything in the world, she was smart, beautiful and loved books just as much as I did. It has been my favourite Disney movie since that day and when I found out they were going to make a live, action remake, I was really excited, but a little worried at the same, this movie has had a special place in my heart for 26 years, no other Disney movie has ever managed to take it’s place.

When a very good friend of mine, brought tickets for my two daughter’s and i to see it on opening night, we were over the moon and full of gratitude to say the least! On the day I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see my favourite movie brought to life on the big screen. Sitting in the seats, my children beside me, hearing that all to familiar and much loved intro, I was bubbling over with excitement and I can honestly say, I was not disappointed by the movie, casting or music at all, everything was even better than I imagined.

I loved Dan Steven’s as Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey and obviously until now, Emma Watson had always been Hermione Granger, they were the perfect Belle and the Beast and I couldn’t believe just how close they got with Luke Evan’s as Gaston, the likeness was brilliant. Josh Gad was hilarious as Lefou, my only criticism there, was they missed a golden opportunity, when Gad as LeFou, was waiting out in the snow for Belle to arrive back at the house, to have him as a snowman, like Lefou was in the animated version. I loved Gad’s character Olaf, from another amazing Disney movie “Frozen”, I think that would have been a great moment for all Disney fans.

As the movie went on, the old familiar songs gave me, my children and every person in the cinema the familiar feels, it was great to sit amongst strangers and everyone was singing along to the known songs and clearly enjoying the new ones. I am so glad my children and I got to see this on the very first night and I am overjoyed at how amazing the movie was, that it surpassed my high expectations, I love that it has been a smash hit world wide, it thoroughly deserves it, as do all the amazing actors and actresses involved.

Final thought… If you haven’t already seen this, I highly recommend that you do, it has something for everyone, laughs, love and drama, perfect for families and a must for all Disney fans, I for one can’t wait for it to come out on DVD, so that I can wear that out, just like I did the VHS the first time round, yes VHS was around when I was younger haha. Thank you for reading 🙂 Lisa xoxo

The importance of finding that work/family balance


The key to living a happy and healthy life is balance, when you work all the time and have no time with your family, so many problems arise and not just personally, physically as well, as I have found out the hard way this week, as much as I love my business, I struggle with finding the right balance between how much time I put into work, how much time I spend solely on my children and how much time I spend on me, more so the last one.

Until January this year I felt like I wasn’t putting enough into my business, nor was a spending enough time with my children, but how much time I spent on myself, I never really thought about that, the one thing I have learned this week over anything else, is if I don’t look after myself, if I don’t take time out for me, then I am no good for my children and no good for my business and I am definitely no good for myself. Since January I have been working my day job 5 days a week, working my business from the moment I wake up, to the time I go to bed, then I find it hard to sleep, as my brain just refuses to shut down. This has had negative effects on my body, as I have left myself mentally and physically exhausted and run down and then got hit by a sinus infection, as I just didn’t have the energy to fight it off.

We live in a world where everything has a price, some bigger than others, we slave away day in, day out, some of us in jobs we don’t even like, just to pay the bills and make ends meet, so the price there is our happiness, our health, the more we work, the less time we spend focused on our family and children, the cost there is our relationships start to suffer, we feel guilty for not paying as much attention as we know we should, so we then start mentally kicking ourselves. This week, feeling as exhausted and unwell as I have done, it really gave me the time I needed to prioritise things, it’s the reason I started my business in the first place, so that I could be here for my girls whenever they needed me, so that I could do something that gave me a purpose and joy, but I have to remember to stop, breathe, be in the now and take time for myself, as well as be in the present with my children when we are having family time, work will still be there after the movie, or after we go for a walk, it’s ok to just put the phone or laptop down for a while and enjoy life.

What is the point in working in a job you hate, if money is the only positive you get from it? What is the point in working on a job you love, if it means you don’t have time for yourself, or to really focus on family and your children? Life is too short to wear yourself into the ground working, yes we have financial obligations, but we also owe it to ourselves to enjoy the one life we have, we don’t get a do over, this isn’t a dress rehearsal, we get ONE shot at this! So we need to make it count, we need to find a balance, a way to meet our financial obligations and be happy and healthy as well, to make sure we meet our personal obligations.

I for one do not want to feel so exhausted every day, I don’t want to feel guilty, when I ask my daughters to just give mummy one more minute whilst I finish some work off, I will be taking time out each day for me, for my girls, because in the blink of an eye they will be grown and starting their own adventures and I don’t want to regret missing any part of it.

Final Thought… Do what you love and love what you do, spend some time every day connected with the here and now, doing something just for you and make time everyday to spend with your family, no  matter how busy you may be, life is for living not just working. Thank you for reading, Lisa xoxo


Top Tips to staying positive when negativity strikes


Negativity can be all consuming if we allow it, we stay in toxic relationships too long, we allow ourselves to get sucked into other peoples drama, current world events, it’s everywhere, life can change at the drop of a hat and we have to give ourselves a fighting chance against negativity, or it will swallow us whole.

  1. Don’t take things personally

You have the power to stop allowing peoples negative words or  actions effect you, once you take that power away, your life will be so much happier for it. Not everyone means to be negative, sometimes life throws curveballs and not every one knows how to cope, so they become consumed by their worries and distractions and the people around them get sucked in to. Their insecurities, anger and fear are the only way they know how to deal with their current situations, but always remember it’s about them, not you.

2. Be grateful, even when things go wrong

We find it so easy to focus on what we don’t have, or when things aren’t going the way we planned them, if we focused more on the things we do have, things would seem so much better, would it change the current situation, not directly, but it’s so much easier to solve problems in a positive and grateful frame of mind. An attitude of gratitude has the power to make even hard times seem bearable, it shows us that not everything is about us, about our immediate surroundings.

3. Remember everyone’s journey is different

Not everyone is going to agree with your path, or understand it, but that’s ok, we all have our own views and opinions, but that doesn’t mean we have to force them on others, or theirs on us, we all have different things to learn in life, but we have to get their in our own time.

4.  Start looking at your problems as challenges

The reason for this, is that challenges can be overcome and every challenge is a way to  increase your personal growth. Perception is key, just altering it slightly can help you put yourself in someone else’s shoes even for a little while and maybe understand where they are coming from and why they are behaving a certain way.

5. Take time for yourself

Time to yourself is important for everyone, we live in a world where everyone is in a rush, no longer truly connected to the world around them, taking life and nature for granted. Life is full of stresses, parenting, work, family and so much more, so it’s really important to take time to reflect, to do things that you enjoy, it doesn’t have to be all work and no play and it shouldn’t be. Take a walk, enjoy reconnecting with nature, meditate, meditation can bring you the clarity needed to re-evaluate challenges you may be going through and see things in a more positive light.

Final thought… Negativity can cause us mental and physical harm, it can manifest in our bodies and our minds, we need to take time everyday to connect with ourselves and the universe and stay positive, positivity has the power to make even the darkest times seem a little brighter. Thank you for reading, Lisa xoxo




Happiness Board Vs Vision Boards


Until I started my business back in September 2015, I never knew about the concept of vision boards, considering I was always cutting out of holiday brochures and home magazines growing up, it’s weird I know. For months after starting my business I put off creating a vision board, mainly because I didn’t see any of the things I wanted coming to fruition. The more my confidence grew, the more I finally believed that I could achieve all the things I wanted in life, for myself and my two beautiful girls, so I purchased a huge board and bright pink pins and started working on it with my daughters, I loved that we were envisioning our dreams for the future together as a family.

I have the vision board hanging in the living room, where we can see it every day, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude every time I look at it and this pushes me forward with every goal I set myself.

Recently though, I came across the concept of the happiness board, this is less focused on dreams for the future like the vision board, more happiness goals, things that make you ALWAYS make feel happy and make you smile, so quotes, current fashion trends, books, music, brands you like, that kind of thing. Now I do like this idea, as I think it’s important to stay in the now, whilst working on the future, or we can miss out on important parts of our journey, but I also love my vision board, seeing all the places I dream of going, how I want my kitchen to look, my first home I purchase and whatever my babies add.

So for me, I think I would prefer to combine the two and create my Happy Vision board, a place my Hopes and dreams can go side by side with all the things that make me smile and happy, quotes, a picture of my daughters, family, books I like now, or from my childhood, memories, a place where my happy past, present and future can coincide.

Final thought… envisioning our future is important, keeping our eyes on the prize so to speak, it keeps us motivated to stay on track with goals, but it’s also important to not completely focus on the end goal, our journey doesn’t just have a beginning and an end, there is so much in between, on the path to our final destination and we have to enjoy and embrace every moment, life is short, it’s up to us to make it sweet ❤ Thank you for reading, Lisa xoxo