“Death comes to us all in the end”


Thursday the 14th of January 2016, the day we lost another spectacular legend, so soon after the death of the charasmatic David Bowie, within days of Bowie’s death at 69 to cancer, Alan Rickman too, succumbed to this vile and unforgiving disease, also at 69!!

Alan Rickman, a true legend of film and stage, gave his all in every performance, whether a villain or a good guy, Rickman left his mark and showed just how talented and versatile an actor he truly was!! My all time favourite character portrayed by Rickman, will have to be Severus Snape, obvious?? Maybe so, but he had everyone believing he was this evil bad guy, when the truth of it was, he was a hero!!

Hollywood, the world, has lost a true icon, but Alan Rickman’s legacy will live on forever in his movies, in our hearts and in our minds!!

Rest in peace Alan Rickman and thank you for the memories!!

Final Thought – Cherish those closest to you, never leave things unsaid, you just never know when the last time you see them will be, Thank you for reading – Lisa xoxo


3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review


After 20 years of using a range of mascaras and NEVER finding one that was actually  waterproof and natural, discovering The amazing 3D Fiber lash+ Mascara, which i recieved in my presenter kit, was a true blessing!! It comes well packaged, in a stylish box, with full instructions for use.

Inside, is a beautiful silk pouch containing the transplanting gel and the uplift eye serum infused fibers, i have lashes, but they are nothing to write home about, UNTIL i used my 3D, i was totally blown away the first time i used them and continue to be so, every time i use them, which is daily i may add, i will never go back to any other mascara.

Just using one layer of the transplanting gel, there was a massive difference in the length and volume of my lashes, when i added the layer of fibers, i was just amazed, wondering why in the hell i’d waited so long!!!! You then seal the fibers with another coat of transplanting gel and you are set for the day, you can add more if you like, depending how bold you want to go.

My lashes have never been in such beautiful condition, i absolutely love this product!!




Dedinitely worth every penny x

Thanks for reading Lisa  xoxo

Rock on in heaven Star man!! 

I, like many people around the world, am deeply saddened and shocked, at the passing of a true legend!!!! My first memory of David Bowie, was as a 6 year old child, watching the Labyrinth for the first time. It is still my favourite movie and when I hear “Dance, magic dance” it brings back such wonderful childhood memories and I will forever think of Bowie as The Goblin King!! 

Before the Labyrinth and over the last 4o+ years, Bowie has given us amazing songs, like Ashes to Ashes, Space Oddity and many more. The legacy he leaves behind is immense, he will live on forever in his music!!

Final Thought – Thabk you for the music  David Bowie, join the othe rock gods in heaven Star man!!!! X

When your mother makes you realise, just what you put her through during your teenage years!!

When you’re a teenager, thinking about the feelings of others, especially those of your parents, is not always at the forefront of your mind. I can hold my hands up and admit, at times i could be thoughtless and well…selfish, fast forward twenty years, i am a single mother to a 13 and 6 year old girl, i am very protective and sometimes find it hard to loosen the reins on my teen.

I finally let my teen go on another sleep over and boy….did my teenage years come and bite me in the butt!! Not only did she forget to charge her phone, even though i made her pack her charger, she also did’nt contact me at all, until she walked in through the door tonight…at 17:45pm!!!!! I had no way of contacting her, as she also failed to leave me any of her friends details, so you can imagine the panic i was going through.

Having called my mother in a panic, although worried herself, she said to me matter of factly, “now think back to when YOU were a teenager and stayed out not calling me, this feeling you’re feeling right now, is what i was feeling back then, terrible isn’t it”. I actually found myself apologising to my mum then, twenty years after the fact, for all the times i’d made her worry and panic when i was out with friends and never bothered to call her.

Final Thought – When you’re young, with no responsibilities and not a care in the world, try to remember, your parents don’t give you a hard time just to make your life hell, they really do care and just want you safe from harm. For the parents, give your teens room to grow and learn, just let them know you’re there, that all you want is for them to be happy, healthy and safe!! Thanks for reading – Lisa xoxo


How the power of positive changed my life..

postive thinking wordle

Up until i was 19, i was one of the most bubbly, lively people you could ever meet, i loved making people smile and to just have fun. I met someone and over the course of that relationship, i began to lose more and more of myself, until i didn’t recognise ME anymore!! The longer this went on…the more i became a shell of my former self, this is not an easy tale to tell, but i am in a place now, filled with happiness and nothing but positivity, it’s amazing what positive thinking can do!!

By the time i got out of that relationship, i was a first time mum of a 12 week old little girl, but i was broken…i believed irrepairably so, it was like living under a dark cloud, that followed me everywhere, my only light and my saving grace was my beautiful baby girl!! Every time i felt suffocated by the negativity that weighed me down, i looked at her and she gave me hope. The end of the relationship, didn’t mean the end of the negativity, i allowed myself to be verbally abused and mistreated for the next 8 years, why??  Because that broken woman  that i had become….believed that’s what she deserved. I never sort help, i rarely spoke about any of what i’d been through to anyone, not even to family and close friends, i just locked it all away, hoping it would fade in time…it didn’t.

For years i carried that cloud with me, through new relationships and even when i had another beautiful little princess, until i was alone again and i finally decided NO MORE!!! I wanted my girls to be able to look up at their mum and not see the broken mess that i was. It took 3 years, amazing friends, a strength i never knew i had and an amazing opportunity to do it, but i can now look in the mirror and say i am worth it, i WILL be happy, i WILL create the life that my girls and i deserve!!

For the last 4 months, i have surrounded myself with positive influences, it would be a lie if i said i hadn’t had any negative thoughts, but they have become less and less, as the months have gone on. I can now face my problems head on, without losing the plot and having a meltdown, i can talk about my past without feeling shame and regret, all this because i changed the way i thought about things. Thinking positive really does bring good things to your life, it’s not always easy, but the more you try, the better you get at it. Since i shut all the negativity out of my life, truly amazing things have been happening and i know, they will only get better, the future is most definitely bright.

Final Though – It is far to easy, to get bogged down by drama and negativity, i choose NOT to have it in my life anymore, when life gets you down, just remember, to every negative, there is a positive, we choose the life we are living and we really do only live once, take control, be happy and let positivity take you where you want to go. Thanks for reading – Lisa xoxo

Negativity and haters!!


When the world is already suffering from so much violence and negativity, i find it so sad, that there are still people out there, who find joy in bringing others down with hurtful comments and negativity. Total strangers trolling peoples pages, videos and pictures and commenting some really nasty things, just for the heck of it!!

Why? Is it insecurity? Is that really an excuse to make others feel bad? Does it really make them feel better? Because i bet, at the end of the day, these people go from page to page, saying hurtful, disgusting things and still feel whatever it is thats eating them up inside!!

Having a business that is very social network based, i have seen some awful comments, on videos and worst of all, on actual live feeds!! I feel awful just reading some of the vile things people can comment, i could NEVER intentionally say something that i know would hurt someones feelings, it just begs belief!!

Final Thought – Before you leave a comment on someones picture, video, live feed, ask yourself this, How would i feel, if someone said this to me??  To anyone who has been on the receiving end of negative and hateful comments, keep your chin up, stay strong and shine bright!! Thank you for reading – Lisa xoxo


Living the Y life…


In a world where life is one competition after another, being offered my Younique opportunity really was a breath of fresh air, never have i met a group of women, who spend every day going out of their way to build up the confidence of other ladies!! My Y-Sisters truly are a blessing, when i first started my business, i really was nothing short of terrified and i can admit, clueless, but from the moment i was added to their groups, these beautiful, ambitious and big-hearted ladies took me under their wing and motivated me to be the best ME i could be.

 I, like many women  around the world, have made some not so clever choices in my life where men are concerned, i have been left broken and a shell of my former self after years of torment, so finding this amazing company, where raising funds and awareness for victims of abuse is so very important, i knew it was an opportunity i could not let slip through my hands. knowing that even making just one sale, would help someone suffering the effects of abuse, it really makes it all worth while.

Before joining Younique, i did my research and learning about the Younique Foundation was an eye opener, this foundation created a safe haven for the abused, helping them to heal and rebuild their lives, a truly worthwhile cause. To be involved in a company, that helps a cause so close to my heart, it gives me a sense of pride, this is what i was meant to be doing.

I know there will be cynical people, doubting what i do, doubting the worth of this company, but i will forever be grateful for the opportunity, it really has changed my life and continues to do so every day!! I am working hard to make my company a success, i have made incredible new friends and i have my confidence back, i am happy, for the first time in a long time.

I get to work from home, to be here for my beautiful girls and watch them grow, i get to help empower and validate women, just like me, women wanting something more, women needing their sparkle back, it’s a beautiful thing. Getting paid within 3 hours of making a sale, has made such a difference on my financial situation, to say it’s a relief is an understatement, i can wholeheartedly say, i love my life, my Y life!!

Final Thought – You don’t have to agree with peoples choices, but you can support them, be the one that lifts people up, not drag them down, knowing you make a difference on peoples lives, even in a small way, has a real positive impact on your life, thank you for reading – Lisa xoxo


Not just a Pyramid Scheme

A few months ago, i was approached with an opportunity, to start my own business with a now, very succesful direct sales Cosmetics company. I will admit, i was very unsure at first, i really didn’t know much about the company, i had so many questions, i just didn’t know if it was going to be worth my while. So over a 4 week period i sat on the fence, i asked my prospective sponsor a numerous amount of questions, which she answered ever so patiently!!

There are a few reasons why i changed my mind, but i was watching a youtube video, of the amazing Amber Voight and her passion and love for what she does, it was mesmerising and i wanted to be a part of it!! Fast forward 4 months and i hit my first BIG Promotion at the end of November (selling $1000 of cosmetics in 8 weeks) which i have to admit felt amazing!! It was not easy and was the biggest achievement in my life so far, since having my two children.

The pay increase, compensation plan and accomplishments aside, what i’ve learnt in the past 4 months, is the company is not just about selling high end make up and making money. Younique really does give women their confidence back, an opportunity to be independent and make a difference in their lives. In the 4 months i have been working my business and using Younique products, i do feel UPLIFTED, EMPOWERED and VALIDATED!! I have also been surrounded by a team of amazing Y-Sisters, they support me, motivate me and they have my back, the feeling of comradery is incredible!!

Final Thought- Don’t be afraid of taking a leap of faith, What is the worst that can happen? Things don’t work out as you expected, then you just dust yourself off and try again, life is what YOU make it, make it a great one!!

IMG_2490Lisa XO