Living the Y life…


In a world where life is one competition after another, being offered my Younique opportunity really was a breath of fresh air, never have i met a group of women, who spend every day going out of their way to build up the confidence of other ladies!! My Y-Sisters truly are a blessing, when i first started my business, i really was nothing short of terrified and i can admit, clueless, but from the moment i was added to their groups, these beautiful, ambitious and big-hearted ladies took me under their wing and motivated me to be the best ME i could be.

 I, like many women  around the world, have made some not so clever choices in my life where men are concerned, i have been left broken and a shell of my former self after years of torment, so finding this amazing company, where raising funds and awareness for victims of abuse is so very important, i knew it was an opportunity i could not let slip through my hands. knowing that even making just one sale, would help someone suffering the effects of abuse, it really makes it all worth while.

Before joining Younique, i did my research and learning about the Younique Foundation was an eye opener, this foundation created a safe haven for the abused, helping them to heal and rebuild their lives, a truly worthwhile cause. To be involved in a company, that helps a cause so close to my heart, it gives me a sense of pride, this is what i was meant to be doing.

I know there will be cynical people, doubting what i do, doubting the worth of this company, but i will forever be grateful for the opportunity, it really has changed my life and continues to do so every day!! I am working hard to make my company a success, i have made incredible new friends and i have my confidence back, i am happy, for the first time in a long time.

I get to work from home, to be here for my beautiful girls and watch them grow, i get to help empower and validate women, just like me, women wanting something more, women needing their sparkle back, it’s a beautiful thing. Getting paid within 3 hours of making a sale, has made such a difference on my financial situation, to say it’s a relief is an understatement, i can wholeheartedly say, i love my life, my Y life!!

Final Thought – You don’t have to agree with peoples choices, but you can support them, be the one that lifts people up, not drag them down, knowing you make a difference on peoples lives, even in a small way, has a real positive impact on your life, thank you for reading – Lisa xoxo



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