Not just a Pyramid Scheme

A few months ago, i was approached with an opportunity, to start my own business with a now, very succesful direct sales Cosmetics company. I will admit, i was very unsure at first, i really didn’t know much about the company, i had so many questions, i just didn’t know if it was going to be worth my while. So over a 4 week period i sat on the fence, i asked my prospective sponsor a numerous amount of questions, which she answered ever so patiently!!

There are a few reasons why i changed my mind, but i was watching a youtube video, of the amazing Amber Voight and her passion and love for what she does, it was mesmerising and i wanted to be a part of it!! Fast forward 4 months and i hit my first BIG Promotion at the end of November (selling $1000 of cosmetics in 8 weeks) which i have to admit felt amazing!! It was not easy and was the biggest achievement in my life so far, since having my two children.

The pay increase, compensation plan and accomplishments aside, what i’ve learnt in the past 4 months, is the company is not just about selling high end make up and making money. Younique really does give women their confidence back, an opportunity to be independent and make a difference in their lives. In the 4 months i have been working my business and using Younique products, i do feel UPLIFTED, EMPOWERED and VALIDATED!! I have also been surrounded by a team of amazing Y-Sisters, they support me, motivate me and they have my back, the feeling of comradery is incredible!!

Final Thought- Don’t be afraid of taking a leap of faith, What is the worst that can happen? Things don’t work out as you expected, then you just dust yourself off and try again, life is what YOU make it, make it a great one!!

IMG_2490Lisa XO





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