When your mother makes you realise, just what you put her through during your teenage years!!

When you’re a teenager, thinking about the feelings of others, especially those of your parents, is not always at the forefront of your mind. I can hold my hands up and admit, at times i could be thoughtless and well…selfish, fast forward twenty years, i am a single mother to a 13 and 6 year old girl, i am very protective and sometimes find it hard to loosen the reins on my teen.

I finally let my teen go on another sleep over and boy….did my teenage years come and bite me in the butt!! Not only did she forget to charge her phone, even though i made her pack her charger, she also did’nt contact me at all, until she walked in through the door tonight…at 17:45pm!!!!! I had no way of contacting her, as she also failed to leave me any of her friends details, so you can imagine the panic i was going through.

Having called my mother in a panic, although worried herself, she said to me matter of factly, “now think back to when YOU were a teenager and stayed out not calling me, this feeling you’re feeling right now, is what i was feeling back then, terrible isn’t it”. I actually found myself apologising to my mum then, twenty years after the fact, for all the times i’d made her worry and panic when i was out with friends and never bothered to call her.

Final Thought – When you’re young, with no responsibilities and not a care in the world, try to remember, your parents don’t give you a hard time just to make your life hell, they really do care and just want you safe from harm. For the parents, give your teens room to grow and learn, just let them know you’re there, that all you want is for them to be happy, healthy and safe!! Thanks for reading – Lisa xoxo



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