3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review


After 20 years of using a range of mascaras and NEVER finding one that was actually  waterproof and natural, discovering The amazing 3D Fiber lash+ Mascara, which i recieved in my presenter kit, was a true blessing!! It comes well packaged, in a stylish box, with full instructions for use.

Inside, is a beautiful silk pouch containing the transplanting gel and the uplift eye serum infused fibers, i have lashes, but they are nothing to write home about, UNTIL i used my 3D, i was totally blown away the first time i used them and continue to be so, every time i use them, which is daily i may add, i will never go back to any other mascara.

Just using one layer of the transplanting gel, there was a massive difference in the length and volume of my lashes, when i added the layer of fibers, i was just amazed, wondering why in the hell i’d waited so long!!!! You then seal the fibers with another coat of transplanting gel and you are set for the day, you can add more if you like, depending how bold you want to go.

My lashes have never been in such beautiful condition, i absolutely love this product!!




Dedinitely worth every penny x

Thanks for reading Lisa  xoxo


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