“Death comes to us all in the end”


Thursday the 14th of January 2016, the day we lost another spectacular legend, so soon after the death of the charasmatic David Bowie, within days of Bowie’s death at 69 to cancer, Alan Rickman too, succumbed to this vile and unforgiving disease, also at 69!!

Alan Rickman, a true legend of film and stage, gave his all in every performance, whether a villain or a good guy, Rickman left his mark and showed just how talented and versatile an actor he truly was!! My all time favourite character portrayed by Rickman, will have to be Severus Snape, obvious?? Maybe so, but he had everyone believing he was this evil bad guy, when the truth of it was, he was a hero!!

Hollywood, the world, has lost a true icon, but Alan Rickman’s legacy will live on forever in his movies, in our hearts and in our minds!!

Rest in peace Alan Rickman and thank you for the memories!!

Final Thought – Cherish those closest to you, never leave things unsaid, you just never know when the last time you see them will be, Thank you for reading – Lisa xoxo


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