Why i started a business from home with Younique!


When i was offered the chance to work for Younique, Little did i know just how much my life would change, just by deciding to take a friend up on her offer for her to sponsor me as a Younique presenter. Up until September 2015, i was broken,  just a shell of myself; living day to day for my 2 children. a bad relationship had destroyed my self esteem and i had no self-belief at all, so when the opportunity was first offered to me, i didn’t believe i had what it takes to start a business, to reach out to people to network, or to make a success out of myself.

After a month of self doubt and days of research, i was still somewhat unsure, until i read about the companies mission and the work they did for Sexually abused women and children!! A percentage of every sale a presenter makes, goes towards raising money and awareness for suvivors of Sexual abuse. This struck a chord with me, because of abuse i had suffered myself, not sexually, but the damage was devastating none the less, knowing i could make a difference to other lives, just by selling a mascara, it changed something in me and i just went for it, what did i have to lose? The £69 to start up got me an amazing presenter kit, full of amazing make up, samples and all the tools i needed to make a go of the business, including a company maintained website at no extra cost, even if i didn’t make it work, i got to keep the make up and as long as i sold $125 every 3 months, the website stayed active.


All the above for just £69 (worth £175) plus company charm, white status charm, presenter guide and website full of the High end products, relevant training and uptodate royalties/presenter status, all very self explanatory.

Other benefits i soon learned about, were the trip and bonus incentives, the company rewards each presenter with points with every sale, a point per $, you can save them up and get an all expenses paid cruise for yourself and a friend depending on points collected, or other amazing bonuses. There are car incentives for leaders at the top of the company, the comp plan is so easy to understand and although recruitment is not a must to join, it is valuable in climbing this amazing company.

This company is mroe than a mascara, for me it was a life line, a miracle that came at the time i needed it most and has changed my life in so many ways and as important as the finacial reasons are, its the emotional reasons that mean the most, the sisterhood with my Ysisters, is something i could have never imagined, ladies from around the globe, coming together to Uplift, Empower and Validate one another and anyone that needs it. Even presenters from other teams come together to support and cheer on fellow presenters striving for goals and promotions, it’s an incredible feeling and i for one will never look back.

My life is forever changed by Younique, Finacially, but more importantly emotional, it gave me my spark back, i have this fire in my belly everyday, i have a smile on my face and i am eternally grateful for this opportunity, to grow, succeed and help change the  lives of as many beautiful women out there as i can.

Final thought: It may not be the norm, but its an opportunity of a lifetime, to build something from scratch, to watch it grow and reach places you neevr imagined, to make a difference in the lives of others, it really is more than just makeup, its a purple army of women, trying to make their lives and the lives of others sparkle, one mascara at a time!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, appreciated as always, Lisa xoxo






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