I’m just an ordinary girl, with extraordinary dreams!


A year ago i took a leap of faith and decided to start a business and try to earn some extra money, i’m a single mother, to two beautiful girls and all i’ve ever wanted was the best for them, at that point in my life i was struggling; both emotionally and financially. I was at a very low ebb in my life and i only existed for my children. Even when  i decided to start my cosmetics business, i didn’t believe i could make it work, that i had what it took to be a success, a past of being told as much and being dictated to can do that.

Making that first sale, it gave me a glimmer of hope, in that moment i actually believed that maybe, just maybe, i did have what it took to be something, to create the life i always wanted for my girls. As the weeks went by and i reached my first promotion within 2 months, my confidence was blooming and i had really started to believe i had finally found something i was good at, besides being a good mother. After 3 months i took on my first recruit and life was really changing, i had never felt so happy and confident! A part of the  business called for me to do daily personal development and it has changed me in ways i could have never imagined, it has helped how i deal with personal and business issues and i truly feel like it has made me a better person and parent. I am now envisioning a life for myself and my children, one that i never would have dreamed of happening, i have gone from an ordinary girl with no hopes and dreams, to a driven, passionate and ambitious business woman and mother, with extraordinary dreams that i WILL make comes true no matter how long it takes!

Final thought…. No mountain is impossible to climb, if you want something badly enough shoot for the stars, no matter how many times you may miss, NEVER give up!! The law of attraction shows, that what you put out there comes back, so always be positive and be grateful for all you have right now, the universe is listening, thanks for reading – Lisa xoxo








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