When you feel like giving up, remember your why.


Starting a business in Direct Sales isn’t easy, most people come into the business with no business or sales experience at all, there are still so many who do not know or understand the industry, so when family members try to build a business, they do not get the support they need or deserve. The amount of times i have heard people get told it’s not a real job, or business, it’s unreal, building a direct sales business IS a real job, you have to work on it daily, even harder than a 9-5 business, as you do all the marketing and advertising yourself, no team of advertisers behind you.

Until i started my cosmetics business with Younique, i had never thought about running my own company, i never had the confidence, but after a rough 4 years, that came after an even harder decade, i needed something, something to give me a purpose, other than my two children and i felt like i was failing them. They were my WHY! They will always be my why and whenever i feel like it’s just too hard and it would be easier to throw in the towel, i look at their sweet and beautiful faces and i remember why i started in the first place. I made a decision to make my business work for them, they deserved the life i never had, they deserved to live a life where i wasn’t scrimping and saving just to make ends meet, a life where i would literally wait until my jeans were falling apart, before i replaced them, just to make sure they never went without.

That’s what we do as parents isn’t it, we put our children’s needs above our own, even if it means walking around in holey clothes and boots, a year after starting my business and life is so different, am i where i want to be, NO!! It will take a lot longer than a year to get the life the girls and i want, but that’s ok.. the life we have now is so happy, filled with love and laughter and even when times get hard, i wouldn’t change anything for the world, it isn’t always easy don’t get me wrong, some months sales are low and i do wonder what the hell i am doing wrong?  Other times life and it’s distractions try and derail me from the path i have chosen to take, but i just hold on tight to my why, i look at how far i’ve come, not how far i have to go. I am so grateful for my business and all it has brought to my girls and i, i get to be at home with them whenever they need me, i get to provide for them and pursue my dreams all at the same time.

Bottom line is, if you know someone in direct sale/network marketing, try to be understanding of what they are doing, but most importantly WHY they are  doing it, all they are trying to do is give their children a better life, to pursue their hopes and dreams. Even if you don’t understand it, being encouraging and supportive doesn’t cost a thing, i am so grateful for the opportunity i was given and the sense of purpose i wake up with everyday, knowing i am doing something i love, helping ladies feel beautiful inside and out and even sharing my business opportunity with others, so they too can achieve what they once thought was impossible.

Final thought… Direct sales may not be the conventional way to start a business, but it IS a business none the less,  even if you feel like you are not getting enough support, or just having a bad day, never give up, you never know if success is just around the corner and how awful would that be, to give up and then see that chance pass you by. Always keep your WHY written down and in your mind and giving up should never be an option.

Thank you for reading – Lisa xoxo



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