Bamboo and Charcoal Detoxifying face mask!


Being a Younique consultant, i have tried many  of our products and love pretty much all of them, but when i heard we would be releasing a Bamboo and Charcoal Detoxifying face mask, i was really excited! I had only ever used Exfoliator creams before and they had just made my sensitive skin even worse.

It is a bit of a shock when you first open the pot, the product is jet black and very creamy, it has a little cover over the product to keep it Oxygenated, always remember to put that back on after use, before putting the lid back on, as this keeps the product from drying out and losing the oxygen. I used a cosmetic brush to apply it to my face, as shown in the picture above, leaving it on for the required 5 minutes, i instantly felt the product bubbling and fizzing on my face, as it absorbed impurities, toxins and exfoliated dead skin from my face, the only way i can explain this sensation is, it felt like popping candy for the face.

During that 5 minutes on my face, the mask provides oxygen to my skin and this helps the skin retain natural oxygen levels, it rejuventated my skin that had become damaged from the environment and harsh weather, the tree oils and vitamins helped nourish and condition my skin, so that when i rinsed it off with a wash cloth 5 minutes later, my skin felt so soft, smooth and very clean! For the first time, i have found a skincare mask that not only works, but gives me incredible results! I had a sore pimple on my chin and the day after using the mask, the swelling and redness decreased dramatically, my dried out skin felt rejuvenated and clean, i can not praise this product enough.

How to….

1- Wash and cleanse face

2- Apply product to damp skin and allow the mask to sit on the face for 5 minutes

3- Rinse thoroughly with water/wash cloth

4- Put the cover back on and apply lid tightly to prevent premature Oxidation

5- If you have the Rose water Toning Spritz, gently Spritz the face, but this is optional

Ingredients and Benefits…

Bamboo and Charcoal help absorb minerals, Toxins and impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin looking radiant. Vitamin A will provide Retinol without irritation, it nourishes and hydrates the skin to improve skin hydration and leaving your skin looking youthful.

I am so happy  with this product and recommend it to all my friends, for £38/$49, it is long lasting, no offensive smells or chemicals and actually works

Thanks for reading- Lisa xoxo



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