Change is scary, but necessary


Change, just the word can cause people to go into a blind panic! Even small changes can throw people off balance and make everything feel out of sync, but not all change is bad, i recently had some amazing news that would mean some changes for my business and company. The changes would not effect the ethics of the company, or the products themselves, in fact once implemented, these changes would increase product production, mean more new products more frequently and faster expansion launches into new companies. Yet, there were a small minority of people who decided to use the news as a reason to scare people, scaremongering for their own gain, it saddened me that people would use what is actually an amazing opportunity, to boost their business and sling mud at a company that empowers, uplifts and validates women around the world and raises money and awareness for sexual abuse survivors.

I am a firm believer that life was not made by chance, it was made by change and ok not all change is good, but that is when we learn to adapt and grow, embrace change good or bad, don’t fight it, or try to bring others down for your own gain, you can never stop change, it happens all the time and always will. Rather than get angry at those throwing verbal stones and retaliating to the nasty things being said, i chose to rise above it and give my friends, customers and potential customers the cold hard facts, yes things are changing, but not for the worse, amazing things are about to happen and i am thrilled to be a part of it, products will still be chemical free and not tested on animals, products will still only be sold by presenters not retail and the company will always remain mission based.

Final thought… We can all learn to  embrace change, to go with the flow, life would be a far less stresful place if we did, i know my life has been so much easier since i learned to just be in the present and ride the rollercoaster that can be life 🙂 Change is a way for us to grow and develop as human beings, many a good thing can come from change, thank you for reading xoxo Lisa


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