Happiness Board Vs Vision Boards


Until I started my business back in September 2015, I never knew about the concept of vision boards, considering I was always cutting out of holiday brochures and home magazines growing up, it’s weird I know. For months after starting my business I put off creating a vision board, mainly because I didn’t see any of the things I wanted coming to fruition. The more my confidence grew, the more I finally believed that I could achieve all the things I wanted in life, for myself and my two beautiful girls, so I purchased a huge board and bright pink pins and started working on it with my daughters, I loved that we were envisioning our dreams for the future together as a family.

I have the vision board hanging in the living room, where we can see it every day, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude every time I look at it and this pushes me forward with every goal I set myself.

Recently though, I came across the concept of the happiness board, this is less focused on dreams for the future like the vision board, more happiness goals, things that make you ALWAYS make feel happy and make you smile, so quotes, current fashion trends, books, music, brands you like, that kind of thing. Now I do like this idea, as I think it’s important to stay in the now, whilst working on the future, or we can miss out on important parts of our journey, but I also love my vision board, seeing all the places I dream of going, how I want my kitchen to look, my first home I purchase and whatever my babies add.

So for me, I think I would prefer to combine the two and create my Happy Vision board, a place my Hopes and dreams can go side by side with all the things that make me smile and happy, quotes, a picture of my daughters, family, books I like now, or from my childhood, memories, a place where my happy past, present and future can coincide.

Final thought… envisioning our future is important, keeping our eyes on the prize so to speak, it keeps us motivated to stay on track with goals, but it’s also important to not completely focus on the end goal, our journey doesn’t just have a beginning and an end, there is so much in between, on the path to our final destination and we have to enjoy and embrace every moment, life is short, it’s up to us to make it sweet ❤ Thank you for reading, Lisa xoxo


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