The importance of finding that work/family balance


The key to living a happy and healthy life is balance, when you work all the time and have no time with your family, so many problems arise and not just personally, physically as well, as I have found out the hard way this week, as much as I love my business, I struggle with finding the right balance between how much time I put into work, how much time I spend solely on my children and how much time I spend on me, more so the last one.

Until January this year I felt like I wasn’t putting enough into my business, nor was a spending enough time with my children, but how much time I spent on myself, I never really thought about that, the one thing I have learned this week over anything else, is if I don’t look after myself, if I don’t take time out for me, then I am no good for my children and no good for my business and I am definitely no good for myself. Since January I have been working my day job 5 days a week, working my business from the moment I wake up, to the time I go to bed, then I find it hard to sleep, as my brain just refuses to shut down. This has had negative effects on my body, as I have left myself mentally and physically exhausted and run down and then got hit by a sinus infection, as I just didn’t have the energy to fight it off.

We live in a world where everything has a price, some bigger than others, we slave away day in, day out, some of us in jobs we don’t even like, just to pay the bills and make ends meet, so the price there is our happiness, our health, the more we work, the less time we spend focused on our family and children, the cost there is our relationships start to suffer, we feel guilty for not paying as much attention as we know we should, so we then start mentally kicking ourselves. This week, feeling as exhausted and unwell as I have done, it really gave me the time I needed to prioritise things, it’s the reason I started my business in the first place, so that I could be here for my girls whenever they needed me, so that I could do something that gave me a purpose and joy, but I have to remember to stop, breathe, be in the now and take time for myself, as well as be in the present with my children when we are having family time, work will still be there after the movie, or after we go for a walk, it’s ok to just put the phone or laptop down for a while and enjoy life.

What is the point in working in a job you hate, if money is the only positive you get from it? What is the point in working on a job you love, if it means you don’t have time for yourself, or to really focus on family and your children? Life is too short to wear yourself into the ground working, yes we have financial obligations, but we also owe it to ourselves to enjoy the one life we have, we don’t get a do over, this isn’t a dress rehearsal, we get ONE shot at this! So we need to make it count, we need to find a balance, a way to meet our financial obligations and be happy and healthy as well, to make sure we meet our personal obligations.

I for one do not want to feel so exhausted every day, I don’t want to feel guilty, when I ask my daughters to just give mummy one more minute whilst I finish some work off, I will be taking time out each day for me, for my girls, because in the blink of an eye they will be grown and starting their own adventures and I don’t want to regret missing any part of it.

Final Thought… Do what you love and love what you do, spend some time every day connected with the here and now, doing something just for you and make time everyday to spend with your family, no  matter how busy you may be, life is for living not just working. Thank you for reading, Lisa xoxo



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