Before the last petal falls


1991, the year I was first introduced to the magic of Beauty and Beast, I can remember watching this for the first time and wanting to be Belle more than anything in the world, she was smart, beautiful and loved books just as much as I did. It has been my favourite Disney movie since that day and when I found out they were going to make a live, action remake, I was really excited, but a little worried at the same, this movie has had a special place in my heart for 26 years, no other Disney movie has ever managed to take it’s place.

When a very good friend of mine, brought tickets for my two daughter’s and i to see it on opening night, we were over the moon and full of gratitude to say the least! On the day I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see my favourite movie brought to life on the big screen. Sitting in the seats, my children beside me, hearing that all to familiar and much loved intro, I was bubbling over with excitement and I can honestly say, I was not disappointed by the movie, casting or music at all, everything was even better than I imagined.

I loved Dan Steven’s as Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey and obviously until now, Emma Watson had always been Hermione Granger, they were the perfect Belle and the Beast and I couldn’t believe just how close they got with Luke Evan’s as Gaston, the likeness was brilliant. Josh Gad was hilarious as Lefou, my only criticism there, was they missed a golden opportunity, when Gad as LeFou, was waiting out in the snow for Belle to arrive back at the house, to have him as a snowman, like Lefou was in the animated version. I loved Gad’s character Olaf, from another amazing Disney movie “Frozen”, I think that would have been a great moment for all Disney fans.

As the movie went on, the old familiar songs gave me, my children and every person in the cinema the familiar feels, it was great to sit amongst strangers and everyone was singing along to the known songs and clearly enjoying the new ones. I am so glad my children and I got to see this on the very first night and I am overjoyed at how amazing the movie was, that it surpassed my high expectations, I love that it has been a smash hit world wide, it thoroughly deserves it, as do all the amazing actors and actresses involved.

Final thought… If you haven’t already seen this, I highly recommend that you do, it has something for everyone, laughs, love and drama, perfect for families and a must for all Disney fans, I for one can’t wait for it to come out on DVD, so that I can wear that out, just like I did the VHS the first time round, yes VHS was around when I was younger haha. Thank you for reading 🙂 Lisa xoxo


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