Change is scary, but necessary


Change, just the word can cause people to go into a blind panic! Even small changes can throw people off balance and make everything feel out of sync, but not all change is bad, i recently had some amazing news that would mean some changes for my business and company. The changes would not effect the ethics of the company, or the products themselves, in fact once implemented, these changes would increase product production, mean more new products more frequently and faster expansion launches into new companies. Yet, there were a small minority of people who decided to use the news as a reason to scare people, scaremongering for their own gain, it saddened me that people would use what is actually an amazing opportunity, to boost their business and sling mud at a company that empowers, uplifts and validates women around the world and raises money and awareness for sexual abuse survivors.

I am a firm believer that life was not made by chance, it was made by change and ok not all change is good, but that is when we learn to adapt and grow, embrace change good or bad, don’t fight it, or try to bring others down for your own gain, you can never stop change, it happens all the time and always will. Rather than get angry at those throwing verbal stones and retaliating to the nasty things being said, i chose to rise above it and give my friends, customers and potential customers the cold hard facts, yes things are changing, but not for the worse, amazing things are about to happen and i am thrilled to be a part of it, products will still be chemical free and not tested on animals, products will still only be sold by presenters not retail and the company will always remain mission based.

Final thought… We can all learn to  embrace change, to go with the flow, life would be a far less stresful place if we did, i know my life has been so much easier since i learned to just be in the present and ride the rollercoaster that can be life 🙂 Change is a way for us to grow and develop as human beings, many a good thing can come from change, thank you for reading xoxo Lisa


Bamboo and Charcoal Detoxifying face mask!


Being a Younique consultant, i have tried many  of our products and love pretty much all of them, but when i heard we would be releasing a Bamboo and Charcoal Detoxifying face mask, i was really excited! I had only ever used Exfoliator creams before and they had just made my sensitive skin even worse.

It is a bit of a shock when you first open the pot, the product is jet black and very creamy, it has a little cover over the product to keep it Oxygenated, always remember to put that back on after use, before putting the lid back on, as this keeps the product from drying out and losing the oxygen. I used a cosmetic brush to apply it to my face, as shown in the picture above, leaving it on for the required 5 minutes, i instantly felt the product bubbling and fizzing on my face, as it absorbed impurities, toxins and exfoliated dead skin from my face, the only way i can explain this sensation is, it felt like popping candy for the face.

During that 5 minutes on my face, the mask provides oxygen to my skin and this helps the skin retain natural oxygen levels, it rejuventated my skin that had become damaged from the environment and harsh weather, the tree oils and vitamins helped nourish and condition my skin, so that when i rinsed it off with a wash cloth 5 minutes later, my skin felt so soft, smooth and very clean! For the first time, i have found a skincare mask that not only works, but gives me incredible results! I had a sore pimple on my chin and the day after using the mask, the swelling and redness decreased dramatically, my dried out skin felt rejuvenated and clean, i can not praise this product enough.

How to….

1- Wash and cleanse face

2- Apply product to damp skin and allow the mask to sit on the face for 5 minutes

3- Rinse thoroughly with water/wash cloth

4- Put the cover back on and apply lid tightly to prevent premature Oxidation

5- If you have the Rose water Toning Spritz, gently Spritz the face, but this is optional

Ingredients and Benefits…

Bamboo and Charcoal help absorb minerals, Toxins and impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin looking radiant. Vitamin A will provide Retinol without irritation, it nourishes and hydrates the skin to improve skin hydration and leaving your skin looking youthful.

I am so happy  with this product and recommend it to all my friends, for £38/$49, it is long lasting, no offensive smells or chemicals and actually works

Thanks for reading- Lisa xoxo


When you feel like giving up, remember your why.


Starting a business in Direct Sales isn’t easy, most people come into the business with no business or sales experience at all, there are still so many who do not know or understand the industry, so when family members try to build a business, they do not get the support they need or deserve. The amount of times i have heard people get told it’s not a real job, or business, it’s unreal, building a direct sales business IS a real job, you have to work on it daily, even harder than a 9-5 business, as you do all the marketing and advertising yourself, no team of advertisers behind you.

Until i started my cosmetics business with Younique, i had never thought about running my own company, i never had the confidence, but after a rough 4 years, that came after an even harder decade, i needed something, something to give me a purpose, other than my two children and i felt like i was failing them. They were my WHY! They will always be my why and whenever i feel like it’s just too hard and it would be easier to throw in the towel, i look at their sweet and beautiful faces and i remember why i started in the first place. I made a decision to make my business work for them, they deserved the life i never had, they deserved to live a life where i wasn’t scrimping and saving just to make ends meet, a life where i would literally wait until my jeans were falling apart, before i replaced them, just to make sure they never went without.

That’s what we do as parents isn’t it, we put our children’s needs above our own, even if it means walking around in holey clothes and boots, a year after starting my business and life is so different, am i where i want to be, NO!! It will take a lot longer than a year to get the life the girls and i want, but that’s ok.. the life we have now is so happy, filled with love and laughter and even when times get hard, i wouldn’t change anything for the world, it isn’t always easy don’t get me wrong, some months sales are low and i do wonder what the hell i am doing wrong?  Other times life and it’s distractions try and derail me from the path i have chosen to take, but i just hold on tight to my why, i look at how far i’ve come, not how far i have to go. I am so grateful for my business and all it has brought to my girls and i, i get to be at home with them whenever they need me, i get to provide for them and pursue my dreams all at the same time.

Bottom line is, if you know someone in direct sale/network marketing, try to be understanding of what they are doing, but most importantly WHY they are  doing it, all they are trying to do is give their children a better life, to pursue their hopes and dreams. Even if you don’t understand it, being encouraging and supportive doesn’t cost a thing, i am so grateful for the opportunity i was given and the sense of purpose i wake up with everyday, knowing i am doing something i love, helping ladies feel beautiful inside and out and even sharing my business opportunity with others, so they too can achieve what they once thought was impossible.

Final thought… Direct sales may not be the conventional way to start a business, but it IS a business none the less,  even if you feel like you are not getting enough support, or just having a bad day, never give up, you never know if success is just around the corner and how awful would that be, to give up and then see that chance pass you by. Always keep your WHY written down and in your mind and giving up should never be an option.

Thank you for reading – Lisa xoxo


The Royalty Skincare Line

royalty_group_xlIn September 2016, Younique introduced their very own natural skincare line, The Royalty Skincare range offers 11 gorgeous products for all skin types, including old favourites like the refreshing Rosewater Toning Spritz and the newly named uplift beauty Serum, both with the same much loved formulas. So whats new other than the stylish and beautiful packaging? There are all new moisturisers, cleansers and serums with and without SPFs. There’s the new Bamboo and Charcoal Detoxifying face mask, that you can literally feel bubbling and fizzing on your face, as it removes those nasty environmental impurities from deep in blocked pores, all the while helping to oxygenate the skin, the new range is designed to Nurture, Protect and Restore your skin from the weather and pollution and effects of ageing. Then we have the Royal Instant Lifting Serum, designed to provide firmer looking skin within just Two hours after use, i could feel the skin around my eyes tightening within the first half and hour and it lasted for most of the day.

Until i started my business, Skincare was not a part of my daily beauty regime, but now i could not be without it, i suffered from blackheads, a really oily nose and dry skin and redness, now i use the Rosewater daily and have been for over a year, i spray 6-8 squirts on to a cotton pad and then i deep cleanse my whole face, really concentrating on my problem areas (forehead, nose and chin) and now my face is blackhead free, soft, smooth and even, i have never felt more confident in my skin and what i use on it. Each product has it’s own range of benefits, but used together you get so much more!

Bamboo and Charcoal Detoxifying face mask – £38/$49

Royalty Pore Purifying Cleanser – £30/$39

Royalty Moisturising Boosting Gentle Cleanser – £30/$39

Royalty Time Correcting Night Cream – £38/$49

Royalty Hydrating Day Cream – £33/$42

Royalty renewing Day cream – £33/$42

Royalty Divine Daily Moisturiser – £30/$39

Royalty Rose Water Toning Spritz – £23/$29

Royalty Instant Lifting Serum – £50/$65

Royalty Uplift beauty Serum – £50/$65

I love how these amazing new products have changed my skin for the better, they are long lasting and have so many incredible benefits and i am so glad i found them, thank you for reading xoxo





The Importance of Gratitude


It’s sad to say, but we now live in a world where so many people seem to have forgotten how to appreciate the simple things in life, myself included until recently. We have so much to be grateful for, we are surrounded by beauty everywhere we turn, we get to wake up everyday and start afresh, we have people in our lives who love and support us, yet still people want more and feel hard done by if they don’t get it.

Life is a gift, it’s not a practice run, we don’t get do overs once time runs out and we should spend it doing the things we love, surrounded by the people we care about and never taking for granted just how precious and fragile life really is! There’s that old saying “the universe works in mysterious ways” but it’s simple really, you get back what you put out there, if you’re a negative person, you’re more than likely going to have more than your fair share of negativity in your life. When you start thinking more positively and feeling grateful for the gift of life that you have and the people that you share it with, you will start to see positive changes, it will become easier for you to see the world for what it really is, beautiful and something we should cherish, because one day we will be gone. I know that sounds morbid, but it’s the truth; our time on Earth is limited and we need to experience all the good it has to offer whilst we can.

Final Thought – Be grateful for everything you have in your life and everyone, the more gratitude you put out into the universe, the bigger the positive experiences you get back will be, find blessings in all you do, surround yourself with positive and happy people and  bring value to their lives and your life will flourish. Thanks for reading xoxo



Be Selfless, not selfish!


After going through a break up, i hid myself away, literally only leaving the house to do the school run, i was broken and damaged and just felt alone! I was miles away from my family and friends had their own lives, or thats the excuse i created in my mind to make it ok to shut everyone out! If it hadn’t been for a small circle of close friends, selflessly checking on me, encouraging me to get back out into the real world, i’d more than likely still be that reclusive, miserable woman i’d become.

We all go through tough times, but when you have people around you, people that genuinely care about how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, it can make the world of difference. Since starting my business, i have been networking with hundreds of new people over the year, i have witnessed some being treated like rubbish by friends and family, for choosing to be a part of network marketing, i have seen others treating people so disrespectfully, by cold messaging them without a hello, or How are you? This is not good business and it is not the way genuine, caring people behave.

When you start a business, YES you want to make sales and make your business a success, but what should be more important, is being of value to people, bringing something to peoples lives that makes them smile, or feel good about themselves. Talking to people, or adding them on social media for personal gain is just wrong! Just today i posted a positive status on facebook and people thanked me for posting it, that it was something they really needed to hear and that made me so happy! To some, that may seem like a minor thing, what’s the big deal? It’s just 2 people! Yes it’s just 2 people, but that’s 2 people that needed to hear something positive and in reading my post, felt better, even just a little.

It’s a great feeling, knowing you’ve made even the slightest difference to a persons day, that is what networking and being a good person is all about, whether it’s just wanting to meet new friends for business or pleasure, it should always be about bringing value and happiness to peoples lives, not about what you can get from them! Show some integrity and let your actions and words be compassionate and genuine, not false and insincere, people know, not always right away, but eventually they see through all the fake bs and will close the door on any hope of friendship or a business relationship.

There are 3 ways to bring value to peoples lives…

  1. Accept them for who they are, never pass judgement! We all have a past, a story, but they shouldn’t define the people we are now.

2. Value them, details are important, care about how they think and feel.

3. Attention is key, pay attention to what people have to say, give the right attention                 to people, when people get necessary attention, it makes, feel special

Final thought- Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those that are rude to you, just because they have no integrity, doesn’t mean you have to lose yours, life can be a cold and lonely place sometimes and you never really know what’s going on in peoples lives behind closed doors, be genuine, be humble and be kind! Thank you for reading xoxo





I’m just an ordinary girl, with extraordinary dreams!


A year ago i took a leap of faith and decided to start a business and try to earn some extra money, i’m a single mother, to two beautiful girls and all i’ve ever wanted was the best for them, at that point in my life i was struggling; both emotionally and financially. I was at a very low ebb in my life and i only existed for my children. Even when  i decided to start my cosmetics business, i didn’t believe i could make it work, that i had what it took to be a success, a past of being told as much and being dictated to can do that.

Making that first sale, it gave me a glimmer of hope, in that moment i actually believed that maybe, just maybe, i did have what it took to be something, to create the life i always wanted for my girls. As the weeks went by and i reached my first promotion within 2 months, my confidence was blooming and i had really started to believe i had finally found something i was good at, besides being a good mother. After 3 months i took on my first recruit and life was really changing, i had never felt so happy and confident! A part of the  business called for me to do daily personal development and it has changed me in ways i could have never imagined, it has helped how i deal with personal and business issues and i truly feel like it has made me a better person and parent. I am now envisioning a life for myself and my children, one that i never would have dreamed of happening, i have gone from an ordinary girl with no hopes and dreams, to a driven, passionate and ambitious business woman and mother, with extraordinary dreams that i WILL make comes true no matter how long it takes!

Final thought…. No mountain is impossible to climb, if you want something badly enough shoot for the stars, no matter how many times you may miss, NEVER give up!! The law of attraction shows, that what you put out there comes back, so always be positive and be grateful for all you have right now, the universe is listening, thanks for reading – Lisa xoxo







Why i started a business from home with Younique!


When i was offered the chance to work for Younique, Little did i know just how much my life would change, just by deciding to take a friend up on her offer for her to sponsor me as a Younique presenter. Up until September 2015, i was broken,  just a shell of myself; living day to day for my 2 children. a bad relationship had destroyed my self esteem and i had no self-belief at all, so when the opportunity was first offered to me, i didn’t believe i had what it takes to start a business, to reach out to people to network, or to make a success out of myself.

After a month of self doubt and days of research, i was still somewhat unsure, until i read about the companies mission and the work they did for Sexually abused women and children!! A percentage of every sale a presenter makes, goes towards raising money and awareness for suvivors of Sexual abuse. This struck a chord with me, because of abuse i had suffered myself, not sexually, but the damage was devastating none the less, knowing i could make a difference to other lives, just by selling a mascara, it changed something in me and i just went for it, what did i have to lose? The £69 to start up got me an amazing presenter kit, full of amazing make up, samples and all the tools i needed to make a go of the business, including a company maintained website at no extra cost, even if i didn’t make it work, i got to keep the make up and as long as i sold $125 every 3 months, the website stayed active.


All the above for just £69 (worth £175) plus company charm, white status charm, presenter guide and website full of the High end products, relevant training and uptodate royalties/presenter status, all very self explanatory.

Other benefits i soon learned about, were the trip and bonus incentives, the company rewards each presenter with points with every sale, a point per $, you can save them up and get an all expenses paid cruise for yourself and a friend depending on points collected, or other amazing bonuses. There are car incentives for leaders at the top of the company, the comp plan is so easy to understand and although recruitment is not a must to join, it is valuable in climbing this amazing company.

This company is mroe than a mascara, for me it was a life line, a miracle that came at the time i needed it most and has changed my life in so many ways and as important as the finacial reasons are, its the emotional reasons that mean the most, the sisterhood with my Ysisters, is something i could have never imagined, ladies from around the globe, coming together to Uplift, Empower and Validate one another and anyone that needs it. Even presenters from other teams come together to support and cheer on fellow presenters striving for goals and promotions, it’s an incredible feeling and i for one will never look back.

My life is forever changed by Younique, Finacially, but more importantly emotional, it gave me my spark back, i have this fire in my belly everyday, i have a smile on my face and i am eternally grateful for this opportunity, to grow, succeed and help change the  lives of as many beautiful women out there as i can.

Final thought: It may not be the norm, but its an opportunity of a lifetime, to build something from scratch, to watch it grow and reach places you neevr imagined, to make a difference in the lives of others, it really is more than just makeup, its a purple army of women, trying to make their lives and the lives of others sparkle, one mascara at a time!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, appreciated as always, Lisa xoxo





The life of a single parent!


No one becomes a single parent by choice, when i was carrying my first beautiful child, all i wanted, was to be the best mother i could possibly be, Have i made mistakes? YES!! I’m only human, everyone makes mistakes, but we learn from them, i am not superwoman, no matter how hard i try to be, everyone has a breaking point, I am no different!

I love my two girls with every fibre of my being, no matter how hard things can get, they are my reason for everything i do, my reason for BEING! But it isn’t all fun and games, mushy hearts and flowers stuff, sometimes its so damn hard, you feel like you are failing, that everything happening with your child is YOUR fault!

My youngest child loves to talk, i don’t want to label her a chatterbox, but you know what, that’s just what she is, she will talk and talk, even in her sleep, she talks so much at school, she is frequently being told off and it doesn’t matter what i’ve tried, taking her things, no treats, any improvement in her incessant talking, is short lived. I finally hit my breaking point, after numerous pick ups from school, walking towards her class room and once again, seeing her teachers frustrated and disappointed face. My stomach already in knots, well…it just sank, after such an amazing improvement last week, we were right back to square one and i just wanted to cry..right there and then.

My daughter knew she had disappointed me and let herself down, it’s so hard seeing her sad little face, her tears, wanting to pull her in my arms, yet at the same time, be so damn sad and disappointed. Then the anger at myself kicked in, for not being able to find something that will keep my daughter from behaving this way all the time and i got home and i just shut myself in the bathroom and cried my eyes out, feeling like the worst mum ever, like i was failing at my most important job!

I am pretty sure many single mums/parents have felt like this at one time or another and today, after a good nights sleep and time alone to think, i know that i am doing everything i can, to change this behaviour, to help and encourage my daughter/s to do the right thing. I discipline when they do wrong, i praise and reward when they do well, i work 2 jobs and everything i do is for them, sometimes it’s a case of trial and error, if one thing doesnt work, try something else, one day it will just click. At the end of the day, i want my daughter to be sociable, i do not want her to think that talking is a bad thing, but i want her to have self control too, she is 6, she knows right from wrong, the wrong and right time to talk, which makes this so much more frustrating, but finding that balance is the hard part, getting her to reign in the talking, without damaging her social skills.

Final thought- I am not super mum, i AM doing the best that i can by my children and will continue to do so, until the day i draw my last breath…it’s ok to have a down day, to feel frustrated and overwhelmed, that’s not failure, that’s being human, time to stop being so hard on ourselves.

Thanks for reading, Lisa xoxo



When someone you love has panic attacks and anxiety!


For people that do not suffer from Panic Attacks, or any form of anxiety disorder, it is hard to understand, just how debilitating and terrifying they can truly be!! As a former sufferer and having a parent whose attacks have become so bad, they can barely leave the home anymore, its a horrible condition to live through. I am one of the lucky ones, I have managed to deal with my anxieties, I now live a happy, healthy and panic attack free life, but for my parent, watching them become a shadow of their former self, its just heart breaking.

People will play down these attacks, like they are nothing, but when you are in the grip of one, the only way I can describe it, is it’s like being out on stormy seas without an anchor, nothing to stop you from being swallowed up in that sea of panic and despair. I have not suffered an attack in many years, yet still…..I remember the feeling helplessness, truly believing I was going to die as I struggled to breathe, feeling my heart crashing against my chest, so watching someone I love with all my heart suffering, even worse than I did, on a daily basis, causing them to become so lost and depressed, makes me feel so torn. I know that if I allow myself to feel guilty for not being able to help them the way I helped myself, that its a downward spiral from there and I have come too far to do that. Yet…if I don’t try to help them somehow, I will lose them altogether, no two panic attack sufferers will have the same recovery, so what do you do, well I will do whatever it takes to help my parent through this, I will be there every step of the way.


This is my way of embracing my fears and not letting them fester inside my mind, I know there are so many people out there suffering from anxiety, or watching someone they care about do so, never judge them, be there for them anyway you can, never be afraid to reach out for help, it’s not weakness, it takes a strong person to admit they need a hand to get them through. We are never truly alone, there is always someone out there who will care, who will listen and be there, we, you, just have to let them.

Thanks for reading – Lisa XOXO